Due to frequent questions about the quality of retreaded tires and concerns about the "peel off" the block to announce that:

The company Pneus Ovada beyond normal warranty arising from the provisions gives a lifetime warranty protection to peel off the tire tread off-road.

Lifetime Warranty Protection to peel off the tread, apply the following principles:

1. A tire with 80% or more of the remaining tread height (in relation to the tread height of the factory tire, w / tread height is measured from its surface to the surface of the TWI *) will be replaced by the new Pneus Ovada tire of the same size. And the type or size and type of correspondence, if changed.

2. A tire with less than 80% of the tread (calculated in c.) Will be replaced with a new one provided that the following surcharge is applied:

Tread Depth> 60% and <80% - Up to 80% discount when buying a new tire,

The height of the remaining tread> 40% and <60% - up to 60% discount when buying a new tire,

Tread Depth> 20% and <40% - Up to 40% discount when buying a new tire,

Height of remaining tread <20% - without discount.

The discount is calculated on the basis of the suggested gross retail prices.

TWI * - tire wear tread wear indicator = 1.6mm, located on the tire tread circumference. Tread wear at least one spot on the tire's TWI indicates the total tire wear!

Non-guaranteed damages include:

As a result of use in sporting events or sporting competitions (in particular races),

2. by improper use, indicating that the technical characteristics of the tire are unsuitable for use, eg irregular or premature wear resulting from poor quality or condition of roads, no asphalt pavement, damaged, worn surface,

3. as a result of any tire repair, regardless of the scope of repair and the person performing the repair,

4. As a result of vandalism or theft,

5. as a result of assembly or disassembly errors of the tire or wheel,

6. as a result of natural disasters, phenomena of higher nature, fire, participation in a collision or accident and the like,

7. As a result of not following the prescribed tire pressure values,

8. As a result of using damaged or incorrect wheel rims (rims),

9. As a result of the use of a tire under load exceeding the values ​​given by the vehicle manufacturer,

10. as a result of towing trailers with a weight or dimensions exceeding the values ​​given by the vehicle manufacturer,

11. due to improper or excessive use of snow chains,

12. due to the use of tires with load parameters, speed indexes, sizes, etc. not provided for in vehicle registration documents,

13. by damaging the material or impairing the properties of the tire caused by prolonged contact with acids, alkalis, solvents, hydrocarbons, mineral or synthetic oils and other substances not suitable for the tire material,

14. By tire wear due to mechanical faults of the vehicle.

Note: Heavy, extreme off-road tires with thick, expressive tread blocks (Extreme T3, Maxi Croos) may indicate very high unbalance values. The manufacturer does not recommend balancing such tires. Complaints will not be processed.

The warranty is based on proof of purchase.

The advertised goods are sent, if necessary, to the seller's service at the advertiser's expense.

Recognized complaints and mentioned new goods are sent to customers at the expense of Keram Dariusz Marek.

Authorized distributor of Pneus Ovada in Poland - eOpony4x4.pl wishes

Pleasure of using reliable Pneus Ovada tires!

New tires are guaranteed according to the manufacturer's rules.