Off-road tires, 4x4

If you want to enjoy comfort and safety during off-road driving, it is necessary to choose the right tires, which should be purchased for the type and model of the vehicle, the season of the year and the depth of the tread. However, as in the case of selection of off-road tires, we often encounter a problem resulting from the lack of proper knowledge of products available on the market, as well as ... a very large selection and a huge variety of off-road tires.

In the case of 4x4 tires, there are a few of them (this is not about summer and winter divisions). The basic division of off-road tires is:

Mud Terrain (MT)
All Terrain (AT)

They should be chosen in terms of style and place of driving - others are used for driving in the mud and the most difficult conditions, while others will prove useful in the case of drivers who ride in the field and often cross the roads. It is worth paying attention to how often they will be used on a hardened road, and how often on surfaces covered with mud or sand. If we are sure that 80% of the time we do not spend in the field, it is worth looking for the golden mean and choose a product that will allow safe and economical driving both off-road and in the city.

Therefore, we encourage our clients to use all forms of contact and ask questions.

Of course, a very important factor that affects the choice of 4x4 tires is the price - you can spend a lot by choosing premium tires from known brands or put up for retreaded solutions, for which you will pay a lot less. For many people the price is a determinant of quality - the more expensive the product is, the more definitely its quality is higher. Nothing more wrong - as in many other areas of life, also in the case of premium tires, we often pay extra for the brand, which must be remembered. The high quality of budget products may be confirmed by Pneus Ovada tires, which are tailored to the needs of the most demanding users, are durable and diverse, making it easy to find a solution tailored to their needs.

When buying off-road tires, pay attention to the size, as well as the depth of the tread and the distance between the blocks! This is the basis for choosing the right solution.

It's time for a comfortable and safe ride in the most difficult conditions! Our specialty are AT and MT off-road tires - adapted to different types of vehicles and users' needs. The remanufactured off road tires offered by us have the European approval E108 R-000 503 and are characterized by high durability.

A huge selection of products, different tire sizes and tread patterns, as well as high-quality workmanship - all this means that you will find something for yourself regardless of whether you prefer driving on mud, snow or any other difficult surface. The Pneus Ovada brand is a guaranteed satisfaction - thanks to many years of experience and knowledge of the needs of customers, the Italian company knows how to meet their expectations. 4x4 tires are not everything - we also offer a variety of tires in the area for passenger cars and delivery vans.

Enjoy your shopping and enjoy your ride!

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