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Retreaded tires Off-road Italian company Pneus Ovada - Tires 4x4

All available in our offer off-road tires (type MT, AT) are the result of many years of experience of Italian retreaded Pneus Ovada. The company specializes in retreading tires for 30 years, providing high quality solutions tailored to the diverse needs of users. Modern technologies and properly selected components used in production means that we can offer off-road tires that can cope with all conditions.

The use of retreaded terrain tires has many benefits. The purchase of such products is an economic solution. The price of a retreaded tire is up to 30% lower than a similar new tire. What's more, in the era of huge environmental pollution, such products are an ecological alternative, because the retreading process is less harmful than the production of new tires.

Tires Retreaded

  • Tire Plus 2
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span>The newest</span> <span>profile</span> <span>in the</span> <span>area</span> <span>muddy</span><span>.</span> <span>For such</span> <span>an aggressive</span> <span>tire</span> <span>well enough</span> <span>exercise</span> <span>on the</span> <span>asphalt.</span> <span>The best</span> <span>tire for</span> <span>rough terrain</span> <span>and mud</span><span>.</span> <span>Especially recommended for</span> <span>cars to</span> <span>crossings</span><span>,</span> <span>for sport</span> <span>and those</span> <span>which</span> <span>are important</span> <span>for</span> <span>off-road</span><span>.</span> <span>Best when</span> <span>using</span> <span>85</span><span>%</span> <span>15</span><span>%</span> <span>area of</span> <span>the asphalt.</span></span></p>
  • Tire K2
    Very good profile for muddy area. Work well enough on asphalt. The best off-road tire for universal using. Especially recommended to hunters, forest rangers and people for whom keeping off-road characteristics is important as well as having a little bit of comfort at the asphalt. Work the best with using 70% at the terrain and 30% at the asphalt.
  • Tire BFP KO2
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span>The latest all-year universal tire tread 4x4.</span> <span>They work well on the asphalt and in light off-road.</span> <span>Recommended for cars traveling on roads and off-road.</span> <span>They are best used when using 50% off-road and 50% asphalt.</span></span></p>
  • Tire Extreme T3
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span>Off-road</span> <span>tire</span> <span>designed</span> <span>for the toughest</span> <span>tasks.</span> <span>This type of</span> <span>tire</span> <span>is designed</span> <span>primarily for</span> <span>cars</span> <span>and</span> <span>for sport</span> <span>enthusiasts,</span> <span>for whom</span> <span>driving</span> <span>the</span> <span>black</span> <span>is</span> <span>only a necessity</span><span>.</span> <span>Deep</span> <span>protruding</span> <span>blocks and</span> <span>long distances</span> <span>make the</span> <span>tires</span> <span>very nicely</span> <span>to clean</span> <span>the</span> <span>muddy</span> <span>ground</span> <span>but</span> <span>also causes</span> <span>considerable</span> <span>Chałas</span> <span>on the asphalt</span><span>.</span> <span>We suggest</span> <span>buying this</span> <span>model</span> <span>if</span> <span>car use</span> <span>in the field</span> <span>exceeds 90</span><span>%</span><span>.</span></span></p>
  • Tire Super Trak
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span>Profile of</span> <span>a very</span> <span>aggressive,</span> <span>are advised</span> <span>to</span> <span>use</span> <span>the sports</span> <span>cars</span> <span>on the</span> <span>muddy areas</span> <span>and</span> <span>wetlands</span><span>.</span> <span>Very loud</span> <span>on</span> <span>asphalt roads</span><span>.</span></span></p>
  • Tire BFP
    <p><br /><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span>The most</span> <span>versatile</span> <span>4x4</span> <span>tire</span><span>.</span> <span>Well</span> <span>exercise</span> <span>on</span> <span>asphalt and</span> <span>in light</span> <span>terrain.</span> <span>Recommended for</span> <span>multi-purpose</span> <span>vehicles</span> <span>operating mostly</span> <span>on the road</span> <span>and</span> <span>off-road</span><span>.</span> <span>Best when</span> <span>using</span> <span>50</span><span>%</span> <span>to 50%</span> <span>area of</span> <span>the asphalt.</span></span></p>
  • Tire Maxi Cross
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span>Profile</span> <span>used</span> <span>mainly</span> <span>for sports competition</span><span>.</span> <span>Thanks to the</span> <span>tread</span> <span>facing</span> <span>sidewall</span><span>,</span> <span>has very good</span> <span>traction</span><span>.</span> <span>Not</span> <span>approved for use</span> <span>on the road.</span></span></p>
  • Tire Truck 2000
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span></span><span></span></span><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span>Profile good for any type of terrain.</span> <span>Average noisy on the asphalt.</span> <span>Especially good performance in muddy and wetlands. Recently, the best treadmill in the area, however, gave way to newer models.</span> <span>All-year tincture, copy of Yokohama tire.</span></span></p>
  • Tire Extra Trak
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span>Quite</span> <span>old</span> <span>Universal</span> <span>tire</span><span>-wheeling,</span> <span>provides</span> <span>decent</span> <span>traction.</span> <span>It is</span> <span>good</span> <span>in the mud</span><span>,</span> <span>sand</span><span>,</span> <span>on stones and</span> <span>rocks</span><span>.</span> <span>Moderately loud</span> <span>on the asphalt</span><span>.</span> <span>Year-round</span> <span>copy</span> <span>BFGoodrich</span> <span>MT</span><span>.</span></span></p>
  • Tire Rally 2
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span>Profile</span> <span>was created</span> <span>for the competition</span> <span>on the ice</span><span>.</span> <span>The tread</span> <span>can</span> <span>tamp</span> <span>studs</span><span>.</span> <span>Very</span> <span>loud.</span> <span>Recommended</span> <span>for</span> <span>areas</span> <span>heavily</span> <span>snow-covered</span><span>.</span> <span>Tire</span> <span>successfully used</span> <span>for a variety of</span> <span>Wreck</span><span>-Race</span><span>.</span></span></p>
  • Tire Rally 1
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span>Winter</span> <span>off-road tires</span> <span>quite loud</span> <span>on the asphalt</span><span>.</span> <span>Well in</span> <span>snow-covered</span> <span>mountain</span><span>.</span> <span>Profile</span> <span>has</span> <span>holes for</span> <span>spikes</span><span>.</span></span></p>
  • Tire Wrangler
    Profile you want to use Cranes AT-field. Good adhesion on all types of terrain. Recommended for roads and paved trails Sports on dry land.
  • Tire Alpine
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span>Profile</span> <span>intended for</span> <span>asphalt roads</span><span>.</span> <span>It is characterized by</span> <span>good adhesion</span> <span>on</span> <span>wet surfaces</span> <span>and</span> <span>snowy</span><span>.</span> <span>Very quiet</span><span>.</span></span></p>
  • Tire BPC
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span>Profile for paved and asphalt roads.</span> <span>Good grip on wet and snowy surfaces.</span> <span>Quiet on the highway.</span></span></p>
  • Tire LC
    <p><span id="result_box" lang="en"><span>Tire designed for versatile and compact SUVs and pickups.</span><br /><br /><span>Universal 4x4 tire for off-road traction, road-driving comfort and excellent mileage.</span></span></p>

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