Which tires to choose? MT?, AT? Extrem?

In order to enjoy the comfort and safety of off-road driving, it is necessary to select the right tire that should be purchased for the type and model of the vehicle, the season and the tread depth. However, as in the case of the choice of tires, there is often a problem that arises both from the lack of proper knowledge about the products available on the market, and also the very large choice and huge variety of field tires. This article is intended to provide you with the basic knowledge to make choosing tires easier - both to match your vehicle and your preferred driving style.
Types of tires

In the case of 4x4 tires there are several types of tires (and not the summer, winter or year-round). The basic separation of off-road tires is tires:

  •     Mud Terrain (MT)
  •     All Terrain (AT)
  •     Extrem.

They have to be chosen in terms of style and driving position - others are for muddy driving and the most difficult conditions, and others will work well for drivers who ride on the road with frequent crossings.


At the very beginning, let's say a bit more about Mud Terrain tires, which are perfect for muddy roads, and they do well on the road. Thanks to this, they are very versatile, as evidenced by the fact that they are usually all year round, so you can put them on wheels also when the snow falls.
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And although they are very comfortable, some drivers treat their versatility as a drawback, as it involves a few inconveniences.

MT tires make car driving more difficult, which can be particularly burdensome in winter conditions, and they make more noise and increase combustion. Therefore, they are not always as economical as they might seem and definitely not for all drivers.

If you decide on them, you should remember that although they are all year round, it is worth remembering that no off-road tire will behave well on the asphalt especially in the winter.


All Tread ATTerrain tires are much more versatile, especially perfect for sandy and gravel roads, and better handling the snow. They also ride decently on asphalt - both in summer and winter, so they are a great option for drivers who spend long hours on urban or interurban roads. They are very versatile, but unlike MT tires they do not work well in the mud - they can also be used on this type of road, but we have to bear in mind that the tires will muddy the mud and ride faster. It is not possible for such tires to come in too much mud on such tires.

At the very end we left tires that are unsuitable for urban drives - Extrem is typically off-road tires, the Extreme T3 whose element is deep mud. They are the least versatile of the 4x4s shown, and some drivers disqualify them because they are very poorly suited not only for running on asphalt but also for sandy surfaces. They expose the car to wear, increased combustion and high noise, but there is no doubt that for muddy roads you will not find better products.
Price issue

Of course, a very important factor influencing the choice of a 4x4 tire is the price - you can spend a lot of money by choosing premium tires from brand-name advertisements or put on retreaded solutions for which you will pay much less. For many people the price is a quality indicator - the more expensive a product is, the more surely its quality is higher. Just as in many other areas of life, even in the case of premium tires, we often pay for the brand, something to keep in mind. Pneus Ovada tires, which are tailored to the needs of the most demanding users, are proven to be high quality and durable, making it easy to find the right solution for you.

WARNING! By buying off-road tires, notice the size, the tread depth and the distance between the blocks! This is the basis for choosing the right solution.

It is important to pay attention to how often they are used on hardened roads and often on mud and sand surfaces.
As long as we are confident that 90% of the time we do not spend in the field, it is worth looking for a golden remedy and choosing a product that will allow for safe and economical driving both off-road and in the city.