Retreaded tires is it worth it?

Retreaded tires is it worth it?

  Dariusz Marek

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Very common problem when choosing a field tire is what tires to choose - new or retreaded?

We sell retreaded tires as well as new ones, but I will not answer this question unambiguously, but I will try to dispel some doubts.

Good off-road tires should have as much "meat" as possible, so it is better to pay less and replace the tire more often than to drive to the end of the tread. Each tire that has less than 8-9 mm of tread has very poor field characteristics.

There is a greater likelihood of mechanical damage, tearing or cutting the side of the road, etc. It is therefore better to buy one tire at a lower price.

As a curiosity, I will add that in 1998 US President Bill Clinton signed a regulation requiring federal institutions to retread car service cars. Regenerated tires are used by U.S. Postal Service vehicles, military vehicles, taxis, public transport vehicles, and even school buses. / Order 13101: "Greening the Government Through Waste Prevention, Recycling and Federal Acquisition"

The fact that the Pneus Ovada off-road tires we sell have a lifetime warranty on tread removal is another argument to say that it is a good quality product.

When it comes to what type of tire to use to best fit our expectations, at the outset I have to point out that there is a tire that works well in the field, remains silent on the asphalt and additionally has good traction on the wet and Snowy surface. For this you need three different tires: terrain, road summer and road winter.

For hunters, foresters and people who use the car to work in a variety of terrains and asphalt, we recommend the K2 tread.

If the car is used mainly for recreational purposes and for sports purposes the best option would be the new Plus 2 tread or more aggressive Extreme T3.

At the same time, if the car is used mainly on the asphalt, and in the area is entering the occasion, I recommend buying road tires.

For example below some photos depicting new VS retreaded tires:

Opony terenowe nowe vs bieżnikowaneOpony terenowe nowe vs bieżnikowane

Opony terenowe mtOpony terenowe

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